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We organize Kids Football Tournaments, Festivals, Forums and Camps in Bulgaria and Europe.
We are organizing the perfect Children’s Football events, which are entirely child-centered, for the development of children’s football in Southeastern Europe.

We try to make every one of our tournament a football holiday for all children and their football dreams … come and enjoy real football!

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Now we have the pleasure to introduce to you one of our children’s football tournaments

“CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS” – Zlatograd, Bulgaria:



“Champion of the Champions”  

Zlatograd – Bulgaria


Arena “Zlatograd” is a stadium with a running track, a service building and a hall for indoor sports. Reconstructed in 2013 – the drainage system of the pitch was replaced with a new one, including a new irrigation system, new grass, football nets and sizes of the  grassy areaof 100 m / 70 m.

 There is a four-lane running track of tartan surface, sectors for  high jump, long jump, pole vault, shot putting and hammer throwing. There is also a chair sector with a capacity of 2000 seats.  The Service building has two large dressing rooms for hosts and guests with bathrooms and separate toilets, dressing rooms for power sports with bathrooms and separate toilets, a referees’  room, a medical room, storage rooms and a room for the sound system.

The stadium provides proper lighting to carry out the evening training-and-competitive process.

Look forward to an unforgettable experience!

You will be pleasantly surprised by getting to know a unique place:

– If you visit Zlatograd for the first time, you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of its scenery and charm of its historical landmarks;

– If you have already visited it, you will re-discover and feel its new atmosphere and charm.

The people of Zlatograd will meet you accordingly to Bulgarian traditions of hospitality:

– You will be provided with the best possible housing and food;

– You will be shown and introduced to the most meaningful and precious to them values and landmarks in their culture and nature;

– You will be given blessings for good health, happiness and Rhodopian longevity.

The tiny town of  Zlatograd is nested in a world, surrounded  by high pine trees of the Rhodope Mountains. It is a place where everythingglitters – both the nature, and its people!

The town, whose name is being floated endlessly around the universe through the song of Delyu Haydutin /Delyu the Rebel/, is a village ofunique atmosphere that you will feel through:

– The unique architecture of the Old Town;

– The sanctity of Krastata Gora /The St. Cross Forest /, the Thracian sanctuaries and The White Stones;

– The beauty of the Rhodope Mountains, sculpted by breath-taking  eko-trails;

– The colorful alleys, epitomizing the spirit

of Rhodopean woman!

All this beauty and nature can be seen only if you visit Zlatograd!

You are welcome here!

                        Come to the town where football is worshipped!

                                                       Come and enjoy it!

The sports venues and facilities are amongst the most modern in the region:

– A sports complex which includes: a sports stadium of Olympic sizes, a swimming complex including an outdoor swimming pool and children’s pool. The total area of the Sports complex is 23,000 square meters;

– Basketball playground – 1000 m2;

– Artificial grass pitches;

– A Basketball Hall;

-Multi-functional  Playground “Zlatograd” for football, handball, tennis on clay and  grass hockey.

– A two-storey sports hall and an outdoor playground at St. Knyaz Boris High School.

– Outdoor and indoor swimming pool

Football, basketball, hockey, wrestling, athletics and swimming are well- developed sports. The available sports infrastructure makes possible the development of sports tourism, using all sports facilities for organizing sports team camps, operating in various sectors of the sport.

Mild winters and cool summers are some of the biggest advantages of our region to host sports camps throughout the year. The tourist season is virtually year-round – there are opportunities to practise both winter and summer tourism, as the municipality offers opportunities to meet tourists throughout the year.

Availability of natural resources – the geothermal field in the Erma River, various water facilities – dams and fish ponds, enables the development of health resorts and fishing.

Welcome to the INTERNATIONAL Football Tournament for Children

“Champion of the Champions”

Zlatograd – Bulgaria

The traditional Football Tournament for children “Champion of the Champions” in the town of Zlatograd, will be held for the 9-th time the row (2023 year) and aims to promote and develop an active healthy lifestyle of adolescents through movement and sport and promotes popularizing football amongst children and teenagers. The initiative is long-term and focuses on the development of social and sports skills with children through football. The event aims to become the biggest international football tournament in South Eastern Europe with the participation of teams from Greece, Turkey, Serbia, N. Macedonia, Romania, Italy, England, Germany and Bulgaria and turn it into a feast for all children. The campaign will be directed to children and their families and the community of Zlatograd area.

Football Tournament for Children “Champion of Champions” Zlatograd is organized by the agency Sports Marketing REVOLUTION§REMISOL, Tournaments “Champion of Champions”, Municipality Zlatograd and sports community of the city. The tournament is held under the patronage of Mr. Miroslav Yanchev – mayor of the town. Zlatograd.

The tournament will be held at the football fields of “Arena Zlatograd” Stadium

Why should you participate in the tournament?

  • This is one of the last Kids Tournaments before the Summer Holiday with the participation of Strong Kids Teams.
  • A comfortable place to confront teams of different styles of play, of teams from abroad, as they say to “fix the clock”.
  • The tournament is tight and short so as not to interfere with children and their parents and for everyone to enjoy the football holiday.
  • There will be many football specialists and coaches from Bulgaria and abroad, who will closely monitor every good performance of the children.
  • In a relaxed and business environment, it is possible to make analyzes and to identify the tasks for the seasonal preparation of the teams of Coaches, Methodists and Managers.
  • The trip to Zlatograd is convenient and comfortable, from Sofia / 310 km / and Plovdiv / 150 km /, the road is newly built in European programs, the road pavement is brand new. There are international airports in Sofia and Plovdiv.
  • Greece is 3 km away and the beautiful sunny beaches of the Aegean Sea are only 70 km away.
  • The teams are accommodated in central luxury and comfortable hotels with their own parking and swimming pool. The food is exceptionally complete and healthy, with many ecological Rhodope products.
  • The city has a modern medical center and a hospital 5 minutes from the stadium.
  • The tournament will be broadly covered by radio and television, also on the Internet and in many other media.
  • The tournament is eagerly awaited and supported by the entire public in this Rhodope region, and also has a strong resonance in Southeastern Europe.

– Children will experience inevitable happiness from the tournament, there will be lots of additional fun and games, there will be many awards and surprises;
– FREE Special sightseeing excursions in the Old Town and its crafts, Opportunity to visit the Strauss farm and many others;
– Many of the Football Matches of the Children’s Tournament will be broadcast live in LIVE on the internet and facebook;
– Huge screen for observing the FOOTBALL matches;
– FREE water for each match;
– FREE Barbecue Sandwich at the stadium;
– FREE chocolate desserts on the stadium;
– There will be a special culinary celebration;
– There will be lots of fun for the kids and their parents.

– Every child, every coach, any team that has participated in
the Tournament “CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS” in recent years,
always wants to return to Zlatograd and participate in the
Tournament next year.

– For each child there will be a Special Diploma or Medal for participating in the “Champion of Champions” Tournament ;
– To win First, Second and Third Place of Every Age, Medals and Special Sports Cups will be awarded Champion of Champions ;
– For every age, children will have INDIVIDUAL Cups and “Champion of Champions” Awards Zlatograd ;
– One Special Team Award for FAIR PLAY;
– Possibility for special lectures and training by famous football specialists. Discuss and talk about the latest trends in world football, talk and exchange of experience between coaches.
– ONLY ON THIS CHILDREN TOURNAMENT LIVE comment on the football matches, TV Interviews of the small footballers are made.

Let us give pleasure to children to make them feel like real football stars!

Let us teach them into discipline and self-dedication in the name of the team and the victory!

Let us teach them to respect their opponents, referees, coaches and spectators…..

Unforgettable FOR EVERY CHILD!