WELCOME to International Football Forum for Children “CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS” ZLATOGRAD, Bulgaria.

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Welcome to a Boutique Children’s Tournament in the Golden Town, Bulgaria, Europe.
The Kids Football Forum will be held for the Seventh time in a row!

The Children’s International Football Tournament”Champion of Champions for 2020″ in Zlatograd(GOLDEN TOWN) will be held for the 7 time a row and aims to become the largest International Football Tournament for Children in Southeast Europe with the participation of CHILDREN teams from many countries and to become a holiday for all children of all ages. The campaign will attract both children and their families and the society of Zlatograd and South Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. The tournament will take place on the renovated terrain with natural grass cover – Arena Zlatograd, from 17 to 21 June 2020.
The Tournament is leading and very popular throughout BULGARIA, there are many  kids teams, many guests and tourists from Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Turkey, N.Macedonia, Romania, will attend many children, parents and relatives, many celebrities, musicians and artists, politicians and diplomats. In 2019 we are visiting the European Grand FC CRVENA ZVEZDA from Serbia. The Champion Championship Children’s Tournament is unique in Bulgaria, with charity ideas, entirely aimed at children and their football dreams.
Children’s Tournament a holiday of departure and reliability, a festival of friendship and football, a holiday for all kids who can get to know your persons of different nations, there should be competition, there will be smoothes, Tears Will Come To Bring New friends, new heroes, new champions.
The Tournament „CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS”, aims to be a tournament entirely devoted to children and their football dreams.
You will make sure that during the tournament days, the children’s teams and their coaches feel unforgettable and as real football stars.


– This is one of the last Kids Tournaments before the Summer Holiday with the participation of Strong Kids Teams.
– A comfortable place to confront teams of different styles of play, of teams from abroad, as they say to “fix the clock”.
– The tournament is tight and short so as not to interfere with children and their parents and for everyone to enjoy the football holiday.
– There will be many football specialists and coaches from Bulgaria and abroad, who will closely monitor every good performance of the children.
– In a relaxed and business environment, it is possible to make analyzes and to identify the tasks for the seasonal preparation of the teams of Coaches, Methodists and Managers.
– The trip to Zlatograd is convenient and comfortable, from Sofia / 310 km / and Plovdiv / 150 km /, the road is newly built in European programs, the road pavement is brand new. There are international airports in Sofia and Plovdiv.
– Greece is 4 km away and the beautiful sunny beaches of the Aegean Sea are only 60 km away.
– The teams are accommodated in central luxury and comfortable hotels with their own parking and swimming pool. The food is exceptionally complete and healthy, with many ecological Rhodope products.
– The city has a modern medical center and a hospital 5 minutes from the stadium.
– The tournament will be broadly covered by radio and television, also on the Internet and in many other media.


– Children will experience inevitable happiness from the tournament, there will be lots of additional fun and games, there will be many awards and surprises;
– FREE Special sightseeing excursions in the Old Town and its crafts, Opportunity to visit the Strauss farm and many others;
– Many of the Football Matches of the Children’s Tournament will be broadcast live in LIVE on the internet and facebook;
– Huge screen for observing the FOOTBALL matches from EURO 2020;
– FREE water for each match;
– FREE Barbecue Sandwich at the stadium;
– FREE chocolate desserts on the stadium;
– There will be a special culinary celebration;
– There will be lots of fun for the kids and their parents.
– The tournament is eagerly awaited and supported by the entire public in this Rhodope region, and also has a strong resonance in Southeastern Europe.

– Every child, every coach, any team that has participated in
the Tournament “CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS” in recent years,
always wants to return to Zlatograd and participate in the
Tournament next year.

– For each child there will be a Special Diploma or Medal for participating in the “Champion of Champions” Tournament 2020
– To win First, Second and Third Place of Every Age, Medals and Special Sports Cups will be awarded Champion of Champions 2020.
– For every age, children will have INDIVIDUAL CUPs and “Champion of Champions” Awards Zlatograd 2020.
– One Special Team Award for FAIR PLAY.
– Possibility for special lectures and training by famous football specialists. Discuss and talk about the latest trends in world football, talk and exchange of experience between coaches.
– ONLY ON THIS CHILDREN TOURNAMENT LIVE comment on the football matches, TV Interviews of the small footballers are made.

GREEK BEACHES are nearby….
are wonderful and you can be sure while staying in Zlatograd!

…Everything is done in the name of the children and their dreams …
… Let us delight the children to feel like real football stars … Let’s teach them the discipline and dedication in the name of the team and the victory…….
…..Let us teach them the respect of the opponent and respect for the judge, the coach and the audience …..

Hopefully you will accept our Invitation and make an unforgettable part of
Children’s Tournament “CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONSHIP” 17-21 JUNE 2020

We expect
you in June 2020!

+359 888 92 42 97
Mr. Nikolay Baburov-Director tournament

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